BELIEVE is birthed out of a vision to bring sustainable change and development to the nation of Papua New Guinea. We believe that this is the opportune time in history to launch a movement that will unlock the nation’s greatest asset – its people.

We have received endorsement from the government in Papua New Guinea to launch a series of initiatives to make this happen. We believe that together we can transform a nation. We believe that Papua New Guinea can become a model nation in the Asia-Pacific region that is built on Kingdom principles, with the Bible as its foundation.



We believe in speaking to the mindset of the nation.

LEADERSHIP The leadership of the nation is a large determining voice in the mindset of the nation. We believe that you cannot influence the future of the nation without influencing its leaders, whether they are in government, business or education.

The BELIEVE campaign has been focussing on developing a structure with which to influence leadership in the nation. In 2017, we will launch the Believe Institute, a leadership summit that will bring leaders from different sectors in the nation together. These annual conferences will focus on leadership training and development, drawing on the expertise of successful and influential leaders across the world. In the long-term, the goal is to conduct ongoing mentoring and coaching in various industries.

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We believe in sustainable planning, employment & development.

BUSINESS In Papua New Guinea, there is great potential for business development. It is a country rich in natural resources. Part of the BELIEVE campaign is the development of projects across different regions, forging partnerships with both international & local businesses. Simultaneously, we will focus on creating infrastructure and downstream supply for those projects. This results in an increase in production and employment and growth in the economy of the nation.

Some initial projects that are in the planning phase include the development of coconut plantations in West New Britain, fruit factories in Lae and building projects in Port Moresby. These projects are aimed at creating jobs for the people of Papua New Guinea but also allowing locals to have ownership of a portion of the business so that profits are ultimately being channelled back into the nation.

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We believe in developing capacity in the nation.

EDUCATION is one of the building blocks of a nation. The BELIEVE campaign will impact education by running motivational and life-skills programs in schools, upgrading teaching facilities and investing into the training of teachers and development of curriculum, ultimately improving the level of education in the nation and preparing young people to join the workforce and make a useful contribution to society.

In 2016, we sent our specialist secondary schools team to run a motivational program in 8 schools in Port Moresby. The theme of the program was “Purpose” and was met with positive feedback from students, teachers and the Education Department. We will continue to run programs like these in schools throughout Papua New Guinea as we seek to impact the next generation of leaders. 

We are also committed to the betterment of tertiary institutions. We are currently exploring the possibility of upgrading facilities in polytechnic institutes, including National Polytechnic Institute Papua New Guinea (NPIPNG). 

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We believe making a transformational difference in people’s lives relating to health and hygiene.

HEALTH The health of a nation is intrinsically linked to the health of its people. Papua New Guinea faces many health challenges, with a current lack of education on basic hygiene and resources for treatment of disease.

BELIEVE is focused on developing projects that will lead to a structure for the supply of health services. We will begin by working in communities, providing basic hygiene training in villages. We will also work with aid and health organisations to increase the resource in the nation for treatment of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

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We believe in developing a church that is a committed to a transformational community approach.

CHURCH The church is a key part of community. Biblically, the church is not meant to exist on the peripheral of society or confined to a Sunday service. The church is a vehicle for the Kingdom of heaven to be present on the earth. It is a fundamental key to bringing transformation to families, communities, cities and, ultimately, nations.

The church in Papua New Guinea is strong and there is a rich spiritual heritage in the nation. The BELIEVE campaign will conduct leadership training for those in ministry, develop projects for active involvement in the community and run celebration rallies that will engage entire communities.

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